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Auto Picture Reader

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Auto Picture Reader

Share your memories from the wedding instantly with the Auto Picture Reader. Just place your digital camera's memory card into one of the four readers. The Picture Reader screen displays your pictures as they are copied. Your pictures are shown instantly in the slideshow and are made available to the Instant Memory Maker.

Only photos from the wedding day and the day before are copied. They are displayed in the slideshow chronological order and mixed with other guest photos. For these reasons, it is extremely important that you set your camera's date and time (within a minute's accuracy).

Quick Facts

  • Copies your digital pictures for display in the slideshow.
  • Does not delete your photos; it only reads them.
  • Shows only wedding day and wedding eve photos. Doesn't show older photos.
  • See your photos as they are copied on the Auto Picture Reader screen.
  • Tech. Support person on staff to assist.
  • Please set your camera's time and date!

The pictures are not deleted from your camera card. They are only copied into the wedding photo system.

Come back to the Auto Picture Reader throughout the night. It will only copy new pictures, skipping past any pictures it has already copied.

If you have any questions about how to put your card in the reader, the friendly technical support person will assist you.

Your photos will help preserve memories of our special day for a lifetime.