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Jeff and Sarah are Married!

Discovering Slideshow

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Discovering Slideshow

Wedding photos are shown nearly instantaneously on two screens during the reception. The slideshow is powered by your digital photos through the Auto Picture Reader.

When new pictures come in to the wedding photo system, the sideshow shows them immediately. Often pictures will appear in the slideshow before the Auto Picture Reader has finished reading pictures from the card! After all new pictures are shown, the normal slideshow resumes.

Quick Facts

  • Slideshow uses your digital pictures from the wedding.
  • Starts every 30 minutes.
  • Shows new photos as they are added.
  • Pictures are shown in the order they were taken.
  • The more pictures in the system, the faster the slideshow runs.
  • Please set your camera's time and date!

The Discovering Slideshow show pictures in chronological order. If you take a picture as 5:01pm, it will be shown after someone else's picture taken at 5:00 and before another's picture taken at 5:02. This makes is very important to set the date and time on your digital camera.

The slideshow runs every half hour. As more pictures are added to the slideshow, the delay between each picture is reduced. Each photo makes the slideshow run a little faster.

Remember, the slideshow depends on you to make it a success!