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Jeff and Sarah are Married!

The MP3 DJ

Close-up view of the MP3 DJ
The MP3 DJ

The MP3 DJ will provide the music for our wedding reception.

Have a song you want to hear? The DJ takes your requests and puts them in the mix. You can browse for a song or search by song title, artist or album.

The DJ's two screens keep you informed, showing you what's playing now, what you just heard and what is coming up next.

Quick Facts

  • Available for your song requests.
  • Requests are played at random from pool of requests.
  • The DJ screens show what's playing now,  the last two songs played and the next two coming up.
  • The screens indicate when a song is by request.
  • Search for a song by typing in the box below "Make a Request."
  • Search by song title, artist, album or year.
  • Can't think of a song? Browse through the list of 10,000 alphabetically sorted songs.

You can help! If you are a Windows user, we encourage you to download and test the MP3 DJ, which now comes with a Remote Control.

To be successful in running the MP3 DJ, you will need to consider yourself at least an intermediate-level Windows user. In particular, you will need to be comfortable with the following tasks:

  • Downloading and installing programs from the Internet

  • Unzipping a file to a temporary folder

  • Running a program from My Computer or Windows Explorer

  • Editing text files

Of course, if your enthusiasm outweighs your Windows abilities, you can probably get Jeff to walk you through the process over the phone.

You will also need at least a small collection of MP3 music files. If you donít have any, Jeff may be able to loan you a few.

You can read more about what it is involved in setting up the MP3 DJ by going through the Read Me file.


The MP3 DJ