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Jeff and Sarah are Married!

Wedding Events

Most of you are coming from out of town and we want to make sure you spend more time having fun than you spend traveling! Therefore, we have planned more events than just the wedding. Below is a complete timetable of events on and around our wedding day.

Event Date and Time Location Directions
(from Steamers)
Bonfire at the Beach Friday, September 30th, 8pm Pismo Beach Recreational Vehicle Area
Wedding Ceremony Saturday, October 1st, 4pm Steamer's of Pismo N/A
Wedding Reception Saturday, October 1st, Immediately following ceremony Steamer's of Pismo N/A
Champagne Brunch (No-Host) Sunday, October 2nd, Anytime between 9 and 10am Shares Parking Lot with Sea Crest

Also, take a look at the Event Map.