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Jeff and Sarah are Married!

Event Pictures

 Jeff and Sarah's First Dance

The photos below come from the wedding guests through the  Auto Picture Reader.

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Engagement Party

The engagement party took place in March 2005 at Jeff's Father's house. Family and the wedding party attended and a everyone had a great time. Many future family members met for the first time. Sarah and Marni made an amazing "cake", Jeff's favorite kind, a giant, frosted Rice Krispies Treat in the shape of a sand castle. Jeff debuted his (still very buggy) MP3 DJ.

Bridal Shower

Sarah was treated to a beautiful bridal shower in August. She was originally offered a bridal shower by three different parts of her traditional and new family. After expressing that she was overwhelmed by the generosity, they came together and organized one extravagant party in her honor at Sarah's Dad John's house in San Jose. Sarah was showered with gifts. She enjoyed the company of her guests. And the homemade version of the "Newlywed Game" was a big hit.

Bachelorlette Party

Marni, Sara and Tanya organized a bachelorette party to remember. Sarah was treated to an evening of dining, dancing and laughter with the plush Hotel Valencia in Santana Row as the home base (where they saw Bill Maher checking in under an assumed name- something Fryer).  She had an extravagant dinner at the Citrus. This was followed by a Bill Bellamy show at the new San Jose Improv. The night concluded with dancing at the Vault in Downtown San Jose, where they had an entire section reserved for the party.

Wedding Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner

The wedding rehearsal gave the family and wedding party their first chance to meet the wonderful Reverend Stephanie Raphael and excellent Steamer's site coordinator Kristi. Dressed in our generic but descriptive rehearsal clothes, the wedding party went through steps. Jeff promptly forgot everything they had practiced.

One point of contention between Jeff and Sarah was the food choice for the wedding reception. Sarah wanted a classy dinner and Jeff wanted a taco bar (which he claimed would be classy if served on a silver platter). The compromise: the rehearsal dinner was held a Tio Alberto's, a local Mexican food restaurant in Pismo Beach.

Bonfire on the Beach and After Party

The night before the wedding, Jeff and Sarah had one last event before becoming husband and wife. The bonfire on Pismo Beach featured campfire S'Mores, sparklers and fun. The event was well attended despite being held a little deeper into the beach than planned (turning the groomsmen into full-time chauffeurs). Everyone had a great time and it gave Jeff and Sarah the opportunity to spend more quality time with guests as they began arriving Friday night.

The fun didn't stop at the beach. Afterward there was a late night party at the Sea Crest in Marni's hot tub suite.

Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony went flawlessly, despite Jeff's uncomfortable rental shoes that left his toe numb for the next month. After making the walk, Reverend Stephanie asked the attendants who supported the bride and groom's decision to marry which prompted a loud and resounding, "We do!" from the guests. Jeff and Sarah exchanged rings and then exchanged lei's. The Reverend even led a little prayer that Jeff didn't recognize as such until he heard the word "Amen." After the ceremony, Jeff and Sarah fled the scene for photos on the beach, leaving everyone to believe they had started their honeymoon early.

Wedding Reception

The wedding reception was an event-filled night from the grand entrance of the bride and groom to the music and dancing that went on until nearly midnight. The dinner was excellent (just what we would expect from Steamers). Guests helped program the music selection through the MP3 DJ. Digital photos fed into the Auto Picture Reader (aka "The Picture Sucker") kept the interactive slideshow entertaining and provided most of the photos seen on this site. Sarah awarded her garter belt to the couple married the longest through the unique elimination dance. After cake, dancing and mingling topped off the night.

Champagne Brunch

For those who were up early enough, there was a champagne brunch at Marie Callendar's the morning after the wedding. Guests said their final congratulations before Jeff and Sarah hopped on a plane for their honeymoon adventure in Hawaii.

Honeymoon (Coming Soon)

Jeff and Sarah took a wonderful, three week honeymoon in Hawaii. The journey took them to four different islands and a lot of time to explore them. Jeff was sick for the first week which slowed them down a little. When the end was nearing, they didn't want to leave but were also too exhausted to take in any more adventures! They transitioned back to the real world with a four-day weekend where they began the present opening process.

Here are a few pictures. There will be many more in the coming weeks.


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